Month: September 2013

Facebook Giveaway!

Here in the Personal Money Management Center,                                                            We have the best Facebook followers ever!

We are going to have a giveaway for our followers and we want to get some really cool prizes. We want to know what types of prizes you would like to win.

Do you want to win Ucash- that you can use to purchase anything at any store on the University of Utah Campus? Would you rather win gift cards to buy gas or to stores like Amazon? Do you want to win prizes like a Kitchen Aid Mixer? Or would you rather win something else? Anyone can like our page and win, as long as you can come to our office in the Union to pick up your prize but we might have a special drawing just for students too!

So what would you like to win? Let us know by commenting below or on Facebook!

ImageAmazon Gift Card


$50 to Brookstone for $21.32!

ZingerRight now on Living Social, you can purchase a $50 voucher to Brookstone for $25, and when you use the promo code “FRIDAY13”, it takes the purchase price down to only $21.75. Don’t forget to go through ebates (see instructions on our website) and get an additional 2% off, making your final price $21.32!

The Aqua Zinger water bottle featured here is on sale at Brookstone 2 for $40. The same water bottle is $28.99 on Amazon. With this voucher, each water bottle is only $10.66 and you would still have an additional $10 to spend!

Fine Print: Promotional value ($50) expires on October 25, 2013 but the paid value ($25) doesn’t expire until September 18, 2018. This certificate is good at all Brookstone locations and online (shipping is free with $99 minimum). Only one voucher per order. No returns for credit. May be applied toward sale items. Not valid for Brookstone gift cards or on past purchases. Voucher is final sale and non-returnable. Merchandise returns for exchange on Brookstone merchandise allowed in accordance with Brookstone Return policy. Balance of voucher may not be paid out in credit or cash. Tax not included.

The Road to $1,000

Debt is a painful thing.  I can’t think of one person who enjoys being in a large amount of debt.  This is many attempt to keep their heads above water by paying it down as quickly as possible.  Financial Advice Guru Dave Ramsey recommends before paying down debt, the consumer should have $1,000 saved up in case of an emergency.  Of course you’re thinking, “If I had $1,000 in cash lying around, I would be putting it toward my debt, duh!”


Think of it this way:  If you had the alternator go out in your car, where would the money come from to pay for it?  After all, you need your car to travel to work and school.  Option one is to use the money you brilliantly saved for this type of emergency.  Option two would be to pile on more debt you’ve worked so hard to cut down.

Making $1,000 quickly (and legally) is not unheard of.  There’s plenty of money waiting for those who want to work for it, right?  Here are some simple ways to gather that $1,000 in a respectable amount of time:

  1. Work extra hours or find a small side job.
  2. If you have developed a marketable skill, sell it (teach kids to play piano for example).
  3. Chances are your XBOX 360 has more dust on it than inside the tomb of King Tut.  Sell it for easy money.  Sell all those movies and books you’ve barely used while you’re at it.
  4. Have a yard sale for all your other items such as clothing, old appliances, knick-knacks, etc.
  5. If you’re not squeamish and love your fellow man, donate blood or platelets.  Rates are currently around $35 a visit.  Participate three times a week and the money adds up.
  6. Perhaps your current living quarters are tight.  Perhaps they aren’t.  If you have an extra room, bring in another roommate to split the costs of living.
  7. Dog walking isn’t attractive but it can be if you want financial security bad enough.  Take your neighbor’s best friend for a walk and get some fresh air.
  8. For basic necessities such as clothing, check out online money saving websites like or  You can find great deals on merchandise or receive online discounts instantly with one simple click.
  9. This one might kill you.  Switch from unlimited data to a lower data plan on your smart phone.  You can save easy money this way since numerous establishments offer free wi-fi now.
  10. Take a packed lunch made at home instead of eating out every day.  You can save as much as $50 a week by making this change.  Your pack lunch will probably be healthier, too.

If you choose to accept even three of these ten ideas, you will find yourself on your way to financial security.  Don’t completely stop payments on your accounts, though!  Make sure to keep paying at least the minimum until you can begin to aggressively attack your debt and defeat it once and for all.  Good luck!