Treat Your Sweetie on a Budget

By: Vincent Mortensen

Valentine’s Day (or if you’re like me, Single Awareness Day) is less than two weeks away.  Many people have the misconception that the more money they spend on their significant other, the more romantic it is.  Oh, if it were only that easy!  Here are a few ways to impress the love of your life and not depress your wallet.

  1. Creating a heart-felt, homemade card with homemade treats (like brownies, chocolate strawberries, etc.) is much more meaningful to your love than running to the local supermarket and purchasing a box of chocolates with an overpriced card.  You could easily save five to twenty dollars depending on how big a box of chocImageolates you purchased in the past.
  2. An entire night of servitude including cooking dinner, watching a romantic movie, and even foot rubs can really help your budget.  The savings could be substantial if you decide to pass up the Filet Mignon at a fancy restaurant and prepare it yourself.
  3. Do your best to avoid purchasing flowers at a specialized shop.  It may cost you upwards of $75 for the bouquet and vase vs. going to your local grocer, purchasing a similar bouquet and vase for a fraction of the cost.
  4. If you and your significant other enjoy physically fit activities, do something fun like going to a trampoline park or take a hike (bundle up, it’s cold out there!)  If you decide on the trampoline park, you may be competing with younger kids for jumping space, but chances are you won’t notice since it’s so fun.

More often than not, your sweetheart will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day regardless of the cost.  If you pay attention and care for them, you can also pay attention and care for your budget.  


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