Fiscal Fast Update


As you may remember, in the month of January I decided to go on a 31 day money fast (if you missed it, you can check it out here). My fiscal fast was over as of February 1st but a lot of my habits have stuck with me. I now think twice before even browsing online stores, let alone mindlessly buying whatever my heart desires on Amazon. I have also been eating out a lot less and bringing my lunch to work a lot more. It is kind of fun to try cooking new foods at home and I’ve actually made a few things that are better than I have had at restaurants.

The best part of my fiscal fast was that I was able to pay off 100% of my credit card debt that I ended up with after Christmas and a few household repairs. I had to pay tuition and replace my water heater in the month of January and I can still proudly say that I am credit card debt free and I’m working on building my emergency fund.

I was not able to achieve all of my goals during my fast. I followed all of the rules to the letter of the law for about three weeks but then I broke down and went out to lunch. After that it was hard to keep going and I ate out a few more times. I also spent more than my $50 grocery budget goal (about 4x times more) but I ate mostly healthy foods. I wasn’t perfect but it is really hard to not spend anything for a whole month. I am still really glad I did it because it feels great to be debt free and I feel like it was just the thing I needed to become more aware of my negative spending habits. As a result of my fast, my impulse shopping is under control and I’m just making better money decisions. This definitely won’t be my last fiscal fast.


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