5 Personal Finance Blogs for Young Professionals

Here are a few finance blogs to fill you all with inspiration and information to exceed your financial goals. Let’s get to it!


For information on careers, salaries, investment options, saving money, mortgage loans, credit cards, etc. go to the Young Adult Money website. This website is a powerhouse of information to really sink your teeth into. It also has some articles written by recent college graduates on topics pertaining to college life and degrees.


This website is geared towards students. It has advice on a range of topics from interview tips to credit card debt information. Check this one out if you are just starting to build wealth or are interested in tips on how to reduce debt. This is a great website full of practical tips.


“A personal finance blog where we share insights on carefully saving money, investing, frugal living, coupons, promo codes because the little things matter in achieving financial freedom!”


With a slogan of “Personal Finance That Makes Cents,” this website offers information on a variety of topics. With categories including food, frugality, self-improvement, and retirement most readers will find something they want to read!


“Grow your money. Cut down on work. Live the dream.” Receive tips on how to use frequent flyer miles to get $9000 worth of travel or discover how to become successfully self employed by following the author’s life.



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