Finals Week Stress

David goes to dentist--finals

With finals coming up many of us are going to be very stressed for the next couple of weeks. When we get stressed we tend to spend most of our money and break our budgets. Yes, I am talking about stress spending. Here are a few tips you can use to help get you through this stressful time while keeping up your budget!
1. With the weather getting nicer and warmer outside give yourself a break from studying and go outside. To save some money just go on a walk around your block, find a nice hike or if you’re a runner find a new place to run. There are so many things we can do outside to relieve some stress without breaking your budget this finals week.
2. Study with friends. Rather than paying for a tutor to help understand that tricky material you cannot seem to wrap your head around don’t be shy and ask some classmates to join a study group. Studying with other students benefits everyone involved, whether you’re the one helping them understand or vice versa you are getting practice by teaching someone or being retaught the material.
3. Break up your study sessions. It has been a proven fact that longer study sessions (let’s be honest those night before cram sessions) are not as beneficial as the quick 1 hour study sessions throughout the week. I know this one doesn’t have a lot to do with finances but I thought it is just a good thing to know.
4. Do the grocery shopping early before your finals week so you are not tempted to over spend during the week. Buy foods that you know will help you study and help concur your cravings through the week. By going to the grocery store and planning your meals ahead of time you can also save yourself trips to those fast-food places we turn to during stressful times.
5. I know it is a cliché but just step back breathe. Close your eyes inhale and exhale deep breathes for ten seconds clearing your thoughts can relieve some stress. This doesn’t cost you anything and can give you just the right amount of motivation to finish what you’re doing feeling much less stressed.

Finals Baby
So good luck with finals everyone! I wish you all the best for a less stressful week and happy studying!


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