How NOT to pay for college.

Hey yall,

If you are like me, a poor college student that doesn’t have school payed for, you would be interested in what I have to say. Yes there are grants that are given out every year but if you don’t qualify it can be frustrating, trust me! Let me give you scholarship websites that are great for matching money to you.





All of these websites let you add in personal information so that you can be matched to the scholarships you qualify for. Also most of these websites have filters, if you want scholarship applications that don’t require an essay you can filter that!

There are many scholarships out there that support diversity, unlucky for me I don’t qualify for a lot of those.

There are also a lot of scholarships that are picked based purely on a random drawing, they are the most simple to apply for but you don’t really get to sell yourself!

If you have spare time, go ahead and apply for as many scholarships as you can using these easy websites!

Brought to you by: Megan Carson 



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