Jobs in the financial field

Today I thought I would talk about something a little different than the usual because it is a good chance that many of you readers are like me and still are attending college and looking for possible job opportunities after school is all finished. So because we are a financial blog… you guessed it these are all going to be different financial jobs that may or may not require certain amounts of schooling, different degrees and varying levels of experience.

The information I am using for these positions regarding salaries, education levels, and some of the general duties listed has come from the United States Department of Labor’s website and the correlated links for each of these positions is under the position for your convince to gain a more detailed description for each position.


  1. Bank Teller: Are the people who work at the front of the banks normally who take customer deposits and make the transactions.  Other duties may include issuing traveler checks, collecting payments, balancing the cash drawers, etc…
  • Required Education: High school diploma or equivalent
  • 2012 Median Pay: $11.99/hour or $24,940 yearly

Information link:

  1. Loan Officer: Also often work in banks and other financial institutions to speak with potential loan borrowers. Their duties include working with the borrowers to help acquire loans for personal needs and evaluate what amount they qualify for, and recommendations on how to get loans for real estate, vehicles, and business’s, etc…
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s degree, or several years of bank experience
  • 2012 Median Pay: $28.76/hour or $59,820 yearly

Information link:

  1. Accountant and Auditors: Most work from the office, although some are able to work from office in their home. Accountants and Auditors are there to ensure that businesses and individuals keep accurate financial statements that comply with regulations and laws. They work with companies to find ways of reducing company costs and improve profits.
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or similar field
  • 2012 Median Pay: $30.55/hour or $63,550 yearly

Information link:

  1. Personal Financial Advisor: Mainly work for financial and insurance companies or often may be self-employed. Duties are to meet with clients in person and come up with a detailed plan that covers clients financial goals, educate clients and answer investment questions, help plan for unplanned circumstances.
  • Required Education:  Bachelor’s Degree
  • 2012 Median Pay: $32.46/hour or $67,520 yearly

Information link:

  1. Budget Analysts: They are the people who help public and private companies organize and manage their finances. The duties they perform include creating and discussing how to stick to a budget with organizations, estimate future financial needs, inform program managers of status of the funds, etc…
  • Required Education: Bachelors or Master’s degree
  • 2012 Median Pay: $33.31/hour or $69,280 yearly

Information link:

  1. Financial Analyst: They primarily work in offices in large financial institutions but frequently travel to their client’s location. Their main duties are to recommend to individuals or business where to invest their portfolios, study economic trends, prepare and present reports, etc…
  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree (MBA in finance)
  • 2012 Median Pay: $37.00/hour or $76,950 yearly

Information link:

Here are just 6 of the many jobs that you can look into if you are interested in a financial job. I would encourage you all to go and look for more if you are interested this is good information. This website has been very helpful for my own use as well as it has many different positions in and out of the financial field. Just remember while looking it is always a good thing to first figure what your interests are and then research from there.

*The website main page Bureau of Labor Statistics is:




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