Summertime Camping!



Hello everyone! 

Summer is one of the greatest times to go camping. Great weather, yummy fatty food, relaxing fishing, and great company is what makes camping an all-time favorite. Sure, traveling to Paris or Hawaii may sound like the ideal vacation, but not all of us have the funds to do so…especially if you are like me, a poor college student. Camping is a great option if you still want that summertime vacation without all those pricey costs.

There are tons of great FREE campsites out there and even if they aren’t free, 20 bucks a night is quite a bit better than $300 a night at a 5 star hotel.

– Log on to and you can search where tons of free campgrounds are!

– Another great site that I use is You can search for campgrounds in your area and book them right online. Also, if online booking isn’t an option, they will provide an email or phone number for you.

– If you live in the great state of Utah, like me, I would suggest you check out They offer every campground in Utah as well as local restaurants, events, and packages.

-As far as gear goes, you don’t need to buy top of the line equipment. Check your local Goodwill or try sites such as and!

-Another great way to save on money is to camp with friends. The more people that go could save you more money. Most campgrounds offer a group rate, which is less money per person as opposed to a single site. If you do happen to go with a large group, have assignments for dinner. Such as, family number one will cook dinner for everyone the first night and family number two will cook dinner for everyone the second night. This way you can take a break from cooking every meal and it won’t cost as much!

-Try and bring most all supplies you will need before you get to the campground. Most camping sites boost up their prices on everything! Try and plan out everything you will need so you won’t get stuck paying $6.00 for a gallon of milk. Here is a free checklist that you can print out and fill in what you need! Camping Checklist






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