Movie Time

This blog is for those of you that are movie lovers like myself. I love seeing all the new movies that hit the theatres, but I also love not spending $10.00 a ticket! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when watching the newest movies for a little bit cheaper.

  1. Matinee Show Prices. By going to the theatre earlier in the day most theatres if not all offer prices to be cheaper before their busy night hours. It is like their way of getting people their during the day, so if you are able to take advantage of the matinee times.
  2. Drive-Ins. This is something that my boyfriend and I do for a fun and cheap date from time to time, because you are able to get two movies for the price of one! The movies start a little later because you have to wait for the sun to go down, but you are able to bring your own food and drinks and blankets to cuddle up in. It is just a fun a different way to experience watching your movies, espically on a budget.
  3. Redbox. Sure it takes longer to see the movies you want to see but for 1 night you can rent the movie for $1.50 and watch with all your friends and family at home. They are also making it very convient with the website allowing you to hold movies for pick-up and insuring you get the movie your looking for without driving to multiple redboxes.
  4. Become a rewards memeber at your favorite theatres. At all the theatres I visit most they have some kind of point system that gives rewards for watching movies at that theatre. You can see if your favorite theatre has some kind of system by either asking when purchasing your next ticket or by looking online. Here are a couple examples of the ones I have:
    • Cinemark’s CineMode: this was a free app that I just downloaded on my phone and is really easy to use. When I am at the theatre watching a movie they always remind you to turn on your cinemode, then at the end of the movie they present you with a reward! It could be free popcorn with purchase of a drink, or I have even gotten a free movie poster before!
    • Megaplex Reward’s Card: This was a free card that I got after buying my tickets one time and I have used it everytime since. It isn’t like a credit card or anything alls you do is just present it at the time of purchasing tickets or even concessions and they’ll swipe it and for each dollar you spend you recieve points. There is a point system online that shows the different prizes you can win for your number of points and when you win something it is just printed on a receipt with your tickets.
    • Check out your favorites to see if they have similar rewards!

So there are a few things you can keep in mind when wanting to save a little bit of money while watching the movies! Good luck and movie on!


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