Enjoy Fall Break Without Breaking the Bank

By: Vincent Mortensen

Fall Break is almost here! From October 12th to the 19th, you are free to take a breather from classes and all that studying. We’ll all want to take a load off, but some will want to take a load off in a different place. Why not? We love vacationing but we also hate spending the high prices attached to it. Take some of these tips into consideration if you decide to travel during your break:

1. Take a re-positioning cruise – When cruise liners need to relocate their ships from one area of the world to another, they hate losing money. They fix this situation by offering much lower rates for a one-way cruise for passengers to their new destination. You will have the same great experience at a lower price. Make sure the flight home doesn’t blow your budget, though.

2. Use specialized websites – The vacation market has become very competitive to the psimpsons-vacationoint companies such as Kayak or Trivago will pull all major travel prices and put them on one website to compare. Not only does this save money, it will save time as well.

3. Think home, not hotel – Believe it or not, websites like VRBO.com or AirBnB.com gives you the opportunity to swap your living space with another traveler. You will live at their house and they will live at yours during the period. This slashes expensive hotel costs and gives you a more local feel of the area.

4. Travel in the off-season if possible – Tourist areas like to entice people to come during the off-season by offering better vacation packages. On top of that, these areas are usually much less crowded than the peak seasons. You’ll be able to do more with the same allotted time. Mid-October counts as the off season so you’re in luck.

Always make sure to search websites for any other tips I haven’t mentioned here. The vacation world is loaded with great deals if you take the time to get out there and find them!


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