Month: November 2014

Saving on Sports Spectating

By: Vincent Mortensen

Many of us are a fan of one or more sports.  Personally, I’m a fan of the Denver Broncos, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Utah Jazz, and our mighty Utes football team.  Unfortunately, attending sports events can get a little costly.  Below are a few tips to still enjoy your teams while not destroying your finances:

Check out charity events and “Champion” Tours – These events are usually much cheaper.  Most of these tournament players (ex: in golf) receive most of their revenue from corporate sponsors, thus making the ticket price lower than average.  Jump on this if you have the opportunity.


Support your Utah Grizzlies for half the cost of a major league team!

Watch minor league teams – The NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS….and the list of professional sports organizations goes on…..get plenty of exposure.  Because of this, they are able to charge higher prices for tickets.  Why not check out a minor league team?  Here in Utah, we have the Salt Lake Bees for baseball and the Utah Grizzlies for hockey.  Check ‘em out!

Go to training camp or pre-season workouts – These are a favorite among “Superfans”.  Not only is it free 95% of the time, you will get an up close and personal view of your favorite players.  It’s a win-win situation in my book.

Share a season ticket with a friend – My brother has done this in the past with his very good friend and really enjoyed the benefits.  He got to see half of the Utah Jazz games in person while not overdoing his budget.  Look into this if you can’t stay away from seeing your team live.

Major league sports can get pricey, but there are ways to find cheaper alternatives if you try enough.  Now get out there and support your team!

Make Sure You Have Your Christmas Budget Set!! And How to Come in UNDER Budget!

by Melea Johnson

Nothing is worse than going WAY over budget for Christmas Gifts… or running out of money before you actually get everyone’s gifts purchased.  It’s super stressful!

So I wanted to give you guys a friendly reminder to put together a quick Christmas Budget/List, if you don’t already have one.  This will help you see everything in visual form of what you need to purchase, what their regular prices are and what your overall spending amount will be.  Then when you see a great deal for a lot less than the regular price on your sheet, you will know to grab that item ASAP to help you save money.

My goal is to help you guys come in UNDER Budget!  So hopefully all of these crazy deals that have been posted and will be posted on can help you get there.  All you have to do is remember to watch the website throughout the day until the deal you want pops up…. and it should over the next 5 weeks!

Steps to Set Your Christmas Budget:

1- Have your kids put together their Christmas Lists NOW.  The longer you wait, the harder your job will be. Have it be a running Christmas list that they can add items to if they want.  You can even give them a cutoff date so the list doesn’t become never-ending.  Tell them that Santa needs time to find all of their toys so they can’t keep adding new toys to their list.  This should help your sanity too!

2- Write down all of the people you need to purchase Christmas for and what items you are thinking of getting. Include how much you think you might spend on teacher gifts, neighbor gifts and anything else like that.

3- Do a little online research over on Amazon right now and see what price each of those items normally cost. You can then write those prices next to each item/person on your list.

4- Total up all of the prices you have listed to get an idea of what your grand total for Christmas might be.  If that number is too high, go back to your list and replace more expensive items with less expensive options. Then Re-Total.

Now you should have an amount to budget for Christmas.  Your job now is to not pay full price for any of those items.  A deal will come for every item.. it always watch for deals on your own or check each day.

Like I said earlier, my Goal is to help you guys find deals on all of those items on your list at a lower price than what you have listed as the regular retail price.  So as long as you stick with me, we should be able to get that accomplished!! During the Holidays, I post 50 deals or more each day on everything from toys to electronics to home to clothing… if it’s an awesome deal, I post it.  

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