Month: December 2014

Frugal Tips for Saving Money at Christmas

Every year we spend much money in celebrating the Christmas. Now, as our economy presses many of us into even tighter financial restraints, more and more we’re looking for creative ways to save money at Christmas. Cutting back and saving money doesn’t mean that our Christmas celebrations become less memorable. Quite the opposite! As follows are several practical and efficient ways to survive the holiday shopping season without busting your budget or going crazy.

1. If it’s not in your budget to send Christmas cards this year it’s okay, I believe your friends and families will understand. If you do want to send them but need to scale down consider sending cards to the people you would like to get in touch with the most.

2. You can cut your old Christmas cards from last year in half, and send the pretty side as a postcard. You are saving money and being ‘earth friendly’ by keeping new cards out of the garbage dumps.

3. Christmas cards always go on sale in December, and the longer you wait the better!

4. Use pretty magazine pages to wrap small gifts.

5. No need to buy expensive ribbons and bows to decorate your packages, if you hunt around you can find the cheap stuff that will be just as pretty!

6. Don’t decorate with expensive things!!!

7. Invest in a good quality artificial tree after Christmas – when they go on clearance sale! Buy good quality because they will last more years.

8. Always remember to set a budget and stick to it!