Resource Spotlight: Feed U Pantry

As it gets closer to the Holiday season, it is common to begin feeling financial pressure. We all know what it feels like to pull out the winter clothes, deciding if we really need to buy a new pair of mittens, while the looming hole in the index finger is getting bigger by the day. With all the holiday celebrations and the expenses that come with them, it’s easy to understand why so many of us are having trouble sleeping at night. The stress and anxiety of financial and educational matters always seem to pile up at the end of the year and sometimes unexpected expenses can leave us wondering how we are going to pay our heating bill, let alone how we are going to fill our grumbling bellies.

cold person

Everyone needs help sometimes. The best thing to do if you are ever struggling as a student, faculty, or staff member is explore resources on campus. One amazing, yet underutilized resource here on campus is the Feed U Pantry. This resource provides tasty and nutritious food for students, staff, faculty, and their families, free of cost. All you need do to is bring your valid U card to the food pantry and you can receive ‘easy to make’ meals for you and your family, no questions asked (just remember your Ucard).

canned food

Many students don’t know this resource exists, possibly due to the location of the pantry, or due to the discreet nature of the resource. The pantry is located on the second floor of the University Campus Store, right next to where students pick up their books for the semester. It is open on Monday and Wednesday, from 11 to 3pm.

If you are worried about people knowing that you are going to the pantry, don’t be. It’s tucked away discreetly on the second floor and the staff are great and professional. Everyone has hard times, that’s why the resource is there (especially at the end of the month, before pay day). No one should have to go hungry, and the Feed U Pantry aims to make that goal a reality.

Feed U


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