Purchase Fireworks Without Burning Your Wallet

The 4th of July is right around the corner.  We Americans love our fireworks and often fork out too much money to light up the night.  Here are a few tips that will help you save money while still having a grand firework display:

  1.  BuImagey from a reliable source – There are numerous reliable firework stands all across the valley.  Big names such as Black Cat, Phantom, and TNT are known to be of good quality.  Unfortunately, to save money, many shoppers will go to a lesser-known stand and often purchase inferior fireworks.  Be careful where you buy.
  2. Purchase large assortment packs – Purchasing assortment packs is usually two to three times cheaper than purchasing individuals.  These packs can even be found in big box retailers like Target or Walmart for even cheaper than the stand price.  Be sure to look around for the best deal before you commit to buy.
  3. Ask for a product guarantee – If you do decide to purchase individual fireworks, make sure the seller has a product guarantee that the firework will work.  Many reliable firework stands have this policy and will happily replace your dud, no questions asked.
  4. Beware bogus deals – More often than not, we see stands that say “Buy 1 Get 1 Free!”  But some retailers will quietly double the price of a firework to make you think you’re getting a great deal when you’re actually not.  In some cases, you may end up spending MORE on this “incredible deal.”
  5. Don’t buy fireworks at all – Skip the stands completely and take in a free firework show at a local venue.  There are quite a few free shows going on throughout the valley this 4th so check them out!  See for details of locations and times.

Fun Activities On A Budget!


Hello all you bloggers, this is Megan here. Want to do something that is fun and exciting, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? I will give you some ideas that can be done solo, with your sweetheart, or even with your little ones!

  • Visit the local zoo, yeah the typical answer, but there are usually coupons throughout the year, so you just need to be on the watch!
  • What is cheaper than free? Take an adventurous hike. Sounds bland, but you would be surprised. Plus you get that exercise in too!
  • Throughout the year, there are many art festivals and museums that are usually really cheap or free. Check them out through your local newspaper or online. 
  • Who doesn’t like a free concert? You might be surprised when you ask your sweetheart to go to a concert instead of the usual dinner and overpriced movie. A lot of underground bands are super cheap, and don’t be discouraged if they are a no name, surprises are good!
  • Most movie theaters have some sort of a classic series for an extremely low price. Taking advantage of these awesome deals, since most of them come with a package deal, can really save you money. The one in Salt Lake, is $30 for 6 movies that you can’t watch anywhere else!
  • Want something fun to do with neighbors or friends? Instead of just going out to a restaurant and spending $20 a person, why not try a pot luck dinner? Have each family prepare one dish that serves everyone. It can be a fun way to entertain and save!
  • On the topic of food, skip the restaurants and treat you and your sweetheart to a themed date night at your house. For instance, cook spaghetti and meatballs while sipping wine and watching Life is Beautiful. Cheap yet fun and interesting. 

Hope these ideas have helped and/or have sparked some new and exciting things you could do instead of the usual over priced routine!


Spend Less or Make More….It’s Up To You

By Vincent Mortensen

Many people wonder how to get out of debt and get ahead in life.  It’s not a terrorizing concept by any means but sometimes we feel we’ll be financially helpless for the rest of our lives.  There are two main ways to get out of debt:  spend less than you earn or make more money.  Here are a few tips to make some extra money to find financial peace once and for all.

Spend Less:  You’d be surprised how much money you spend by not giving all your dollars a destination.  Here are the best ways to save by not spending.

CREATE A BUDGET:  If you know where every dollar is going, you’ll know what to cut back on.  Many of us believe living on a budget means we’ll have fun ever again.  That’s simply not the case.  You’ll have fun when you are financially at peace and have properly allotted money for an activity, like a vacation or a new TV.

CUT DOWN ON DISCRETIONARY PURCHASES:  It’s easy to have a $3 coffee every day and then wonder where all your money went at the end of the year.  Instead, purchase your coffee only three times a week.  Adding that up in one year, and you’ll have saved $312.  That’s a lot of scratch.

FIND FREE FUN:  To quote Eric Cartman from the hit TV series South Park, “Anything that’s fun costs at least eight dollars.”  Of course this isn’t true.  You would be surprised how many free activities are in your local area or online.  This can include free concerts, dusting off a favorite board game, or playing the thousands of free games online.

Make More:  If you enjoy your current lifestyle and don’t wish to change anything about it financially, you will need to take the road of making more money.  This can be done by:

GET A SIMPLE PART-TIME JOB:  Retailers are often hiring so give them a ring.  There are other ways to make extra income from home such as working online.  There is money out there for anyone who is willing to work for it.

SELL ITEMS YOU DON’T USE ANYMORE:  We all love our “stuff” but human nature usually causes us to get bored of that “stuff” sooner or later.  Why not hold a nice yard sale and make some extra money? 

One day, I decided to clean out my closet of items I didn’t use anymore.  This included a pair of ice skates, a series of computer games, and old college textbooks.  In total, I earned about $150 effortlessly by selling items I no longer used.  Give it a try!