vm-j12-inde-sud-plages-goa-634x475 It is almost summertime… which means we all want to travel!! It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the whole trip, but there are many things that everyone needs to know in order to travel a bit smarter according CNN. The first thing I think of when planning a vacation, is money. What is this going to do to my budget? How am I going to afford everything? Here are some tips that will help your whole travel experience!

1. Print everything out. You can’t always rely on internet access, print your itinerary and ticket confirmation and have it handy. Another smart idea is to leave your itinerary with a family member back home just in case.

2. Travel in low season. Although it is so tempting to pick up and leave in the summertime, places like Thailand and India have plenty of sunshine! Also, traveling in low season is almost guaranteed to be a cheaper vacation.

2. Download Share-a-Bill App. This awesome app helps keep track of who spends what when traveling with friends. No more fighting over who bought what!

3. Don’t use traveler’s checks. Although they might be tempting because they are so easy, they are super difficult to cash in, and the fees may not be in your budget!

4. If in a foreign country, try not to use currency exchange places. They are trying to get the most money out of you, especially in airports. You will be safer to use a local ATM.

5. Don’t book domestic flights at the same time as your foreign flights. Instead of flying from SLC to a small city in a foreign country, fly from SLC to the foreign capitol and then book your flight using a local airline. If you book close to the departure date from inside the country, it can save big.

6. Avoid keeping your cash and cards in the same place. Travelers often get ripped off or even pit pocketed. If that does happen, they will only get on or the other so you won’t be stranded with no money on hand!

By: Megan Carson


Saving Money For The Holidays

It’s the Most…..Expensive Time of the Year!

By Vincent Mortensen

Summer has come and gone.  The heat has transitioned into the cool, crisp weather of autumn.  With the changing weather brings the changing of the seasons and all the fun holiday’s attached to them.  In a three month span, we dress up and get candy, gorge ourselves on delicious foods and top it off with giving and receiving presents.  Even the holiday season can cause stress.  In this sense, it can harm us financially.

Chances are you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year for all your closest family and friends.  If you’re not cooking, you’re probably traveling to get to said meal.  With the steady rise of gas prices, long distance car trips or flying can cause a financial squeeze.  This is why we must start saving now instead of later.

Let’s do an example.  A family of four needs to travel to Denver, Colorado from Salt Lake City, Utah to reach grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Even booking in September will cost each person on average $200 for round trip.  $800 is considered by many a major purchase and should be saved for.

Now for driving.  Let’s say gas prices are averaged out to $3.70 a gallon throughout the road trip.  Your car receives 25 mph on the highway for the 550 mile trip.  This will round out to about $162.50 round trip.  This is a much better deal but still on the expensive side.  There may be additional costs including hotel as well.

Imagine if you had to travel even further than the next state over.  Things could become even more expensive than $160 to $800.

If you don’t have to travel far for Thanksgiving, enjoy your meal and be merry!  But, if you have to spend a significant amount to see your loved ones, it’s never too early to start saving for your upcoming adventure.  Good luck!